XE215DA rc excavator crawler excavator kev muag khoom

XE215DA rc excavator crawler excavator txais yuav cov twj tso kua mis tshiab, uas txhim kho kev ua haujlwm tau zoo los ntawm 7% thiab txo cov roj noj los ntawm 10%.

qauv: XE215 DA
Cov haujlwm muaj ceeb thawj: 21900kg
Peev xwm thoob: 1.05 m³ os
Rated zog / ceev: 135/2200 kW/rpm

Hauj lwm

khoom Introduction

The XE215DA rc excavator crawler excavator uses the most up-to-date separate pump independent control system and an imported new main pump, resulting in a 7 percent increase in efficiency and a 10% reduction in fuel consumption. It comes with a sophisticated XCMG excavator intelligent management system that ensures the excavator’s efficiency. The redesigned view cab is larger, quieter, and more comfortable to operate.

Cov Qauv Tseem Ceeb




Ua haujlwm hnyav



Lub peev xwm thoob

m³ cov


Qauv Qauv



Rated zog / ceev

kw / rpm

135 / 2200

Qhov siab tshaj excavation



Bucket Digging Force



Lus Cim: Cov khoom no txuas ntxiv txhim kho nrog kev nce qib ntawm thev naus laus zis. Qhov sib txawv ntawm qhov tsis sib xws thiab cov yam ntxwv ntawm cov qauv uas tau teev tseg saum toj no yog nyob ntawm cov khoom tiag.

Kev Kawm Tau Zoo

* Powerful engine, durable, low fuel consumption, can meet all application requirements;

* A new generation of high-efficiency hydraulic system, new main pump, main valve, electronic control stick. The internal structure of the main valve is optimized to reduce the impact, and the controllability is greatly improved;

* The new sub-pump independent control system realizes accurate distribution of main pump power, higher operating efficiency and lower fuel consumption;

* High-reliability working device, XCMG’s proprietary technology, comprehensive strengthening of boom and stick, 1.05m³ large bucket capacity, higher working efficiency;

* The new cab with large field of view has low noise, high-power air conditioner has good cooling, and the operating environment is more comfortable;

* Advanced excavator intelligent management system (XEICS), digital sharing of machine information, more intelligent products.

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